Vintage Professional Golf Putter Bottle Openers. The Robert Saine Collection. Comes in Gift Box.

Putters from the collection of Robert Saine, avid golfer and collector. Premium golf putters repurposed into bottle openers. Comes with custom giftbox. Putters come in Gold, Silver, and Copper. Questions? Feel free to message us here! The Legacy: Robert began playing golf as a teenager at Chastain Park in Atlanta. As an adult he often played in the Eastman Kodak Company tournament. He even placed a time or two. He really enjoyed the game and played whenever he could but life was busy with a wife and four daughters! His only 'hole in one' was at Spring Lake Golf Course in Lawrenceville. Robert was always eager to share his stories and listen to others. He began playing golf as a teenager and played for over 60 years until his health wouldn’t allow it. Then he started a new hobby – collecting putters! He was a friendly fellow who loved to hunt for new garage sale treasures, making deals and making friends. He was passionate about antique shows and garage sales which he referred to as “Going Saling” and often he would buy a putter to use as a walking stick. That is how he collected approximately 200 putters along the way. He had all makes and models of putters and could tell you where each and every one came from. They say “Every club has a story”. Bob was always eager to share his stories and listen to others. He was an avid collector of tools, Hess trucks, knives and advertising signs. This putter belonged to Robert Saine.

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